Now selling these tasty treats in packs of 5 for only £6.50.

Few things go better with a pint of local beer than a Chiltern Chompers, one of our delicious and chewy salami sticks. Salty and meaty, they are the perfect bar snack and, quite frankly, knock a pork scratching into a cocked hat.

Not only do our Chompers taste delicious when enjoyed with local beer but they are made with it too! We like to collaborate with local breweries and use their fabulous beer in the Chompers’ recipe. Alongside a blend of herbs, spices and garlic, we add the beer to the list of curing ingredients before air-drying the Chompers to get that perfect texture.

Chompers are sold in bags of 5 sticks.  minimum 30g each.


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Weight 150 g


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